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If your brushing and flossing habits aren’t giving you the beautiful, white teeth you are hoping for, here at My Downey Dental , we have a surprise for you! Our team offers an exquisite line of teeth-whitening treatments that can give you the brighter smile you deserve in as little as one treatment.

The first step in correcting the stains on your teeth is discovering the source of your discoloration on them, so you may begin the steps to prevent them in the future. Some underlying causes of tooth discoloration or stains include:

– Teeth age over time
– Improper or untimely oral hygiene habits
– Consuming food and drinks which can stain your teeth
– Using and/or smoking tobacco
– Illnesses to the mouth or body
– Various medications
– Fluorosis

If you teeth have begun to lose their shine or color, we can help. The office of Dr. Behzad Abadi is here to help you on the pathway to a brighter, whiter smile today. Our treatments are powerful, safe, and effective to ensure that you will get the highest quality care from us.

If you still have questions about our teeth-whitening treatments, or if you would like to know more about how teeth whitening can work for you, please call us today at 562-372-4294 in Downey, California, to set up an appointment. We are always happy to address any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your smile. So, don’t delay on giving yourself a treat in time for the holidays. Call us today and let us help make your smile shine!