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Most people have heard the term gum disease. At the same time, most people don’t understand how gum disease can harm your health and smile. That is why our team here in Downey, California is happy to talk to you about gum disease and how it can destroy your smile.

Gum disease is extremely serious but often goes unnoticed before disaster strikes. That is why keeping up with your six-month appointment regularly is vital to oral health. Your dentist, Dr. Behzad Abadi, is trained to catch gum disease and help you turn gum disease around, bringing your smile into pristine oral health.

Warning signs include: bleeding gums, swollen gums, pus in gums, loose teeth, gums receding from the teeth, and even tooth loss, which can lead to bone loss. Preventing gum disease or stopping it in the early phases can help your gums and teeth stay healthy and strong.

What is the best way to fight this condition? Brush and floss regularly and schedule regular dental checkups. These habits reduce plaque and bacteria and keep your smile healthy for years to come.

If you feel it’s time for your dental checkup or wonder if you might have gum disease, please call us today at 562-372-4294 to set up an appointment. Our friendly and professional staff is happy to address any questions or concerns pertaining to your oral care.