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When the appearance of your smile is impaired by chips, discolored tooth enamel, or other cosmetic imperfections, it can hamper your self-confidence. Fortunately, Dr. Behzad Abadi offers several different cosmetic dental options at his Downey, California, clinic. The specific method he recommends for you will be based on the specific imperfection and its severity.

If you use tobacco on even an occasional basis or if you regularly enjoy dark foods and beverages, it can leave you with a deeply stained smile. Many of the whitening products sold in stores are not potent enough to do more than remove surface stains from tooth enamel.

In a situation like this, Dr. Behzad Abadi can perform a professional dental bleaching treatment. Once your teeth have been fully whitened, you can then maintain your smile with whitening strips or whitening toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

If the teeth in your smile have also been affected by visible fillings, chips, or other cosmetic imperfections, Dr. Behzad Abadi might recommend using dental veneers to restore the appearance of your smile. They are thin yet lustrous, white shells made from a special dental-grade porcelain. They are cemented onto the faces of each tooth in your smile. The porcelain material will only be subject to minor surface stains in the future, making it easy to maintain your newly whitened smile.

If you have one or more teeth in your smile suffering from tooth decay, Dr. Behzad Abadi might be able to repair it with a composite-resin filling or a full restoration with a porcelain dental crown

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